No one taught you how to manage your finances in high school did they?

And, when you hear the words “Financial Planner” all you want to do is run the other way because you think that all they do is take your money in fees or try to sell you something to earn a commission, right?

What if this time it was different?

What if you only paid for the advice you were given? 
What if you didn’t have to have $1,000,000 in assets to get an advisor’s attention? 
What if your advisor talked with you, and not at (or down to) you?

That’s where we are different.

And, when we say we’re different, we mean it!​

We work with mid-career professionals across the country, those earning over $100,000 per year, to help them better manage, maximize, and grow their wealth.

And, we do so on a fee-only* basis. No product sales, no commissions, and no sales quotas.

Since we are only paid by you, your savings and wealth aren’t eaten up by excessive fees.

Equally important, we won't try to overwhelm you with fancy terms and industry jargon. We simply focus on providing you with the financial education you deserve.


When we can offer you unbiased advice, free from commissions and kickbacks, you keep more money in your pocket.


We were fiduciaries before it was cool to say so. This means that we are bound both legally and ethically to act in your best interests, and we've signed an Oath stating so.

Virtual CFP® Professionals

Only 25% of U.S. financial advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, and an even smaller number of them do so in a 100% virtual setting.

Educators first.
Advisors second.

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We pride ourselves on being educators first, and advisors second.

Why? Because with education you can learn to manage your finances in a way that works best for you.

And with our help, you can better understand wealth management and how to create goals that set you up for life. And the simple ways to achieve those goals. 

Our team loves to educate. We publish YouTube videos on topics that will help you grow your knowledge. We also publish blog posts and hold webinars to help you understand the things you haven’t been taught about finances in school.

Our WWM Insider™ Newsletter provides readers with downloadable material as well as market updates and other educational topics. 

We have been where you are.

We understand what it’s like to not understand how to manage our finances. That’s why, our founder, Jamie got into this career.

Not growing up with much, he wanted to learn and understand how to better support himself and his family by gaining the knowledge to manage and grow his wealth.

That in the longer term led to less stress and the ease of knowing that his family was secure should anything happen to him.

Jamie no longer had to stress and worry about making the best use of his money. He set his goals and put his plan into action.

Woodson Wealth Management is here to support you to do the same.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or schedule time to talk with us about your specific situation.

Case Studies

Make our next success story yours.

Note: These are not ficticious, but the name(s) and some material information has been removed to protect the clients’ identity. No portion of the content should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee of any sort. 

Case Study 1 - Young Family

Emanuel and Sandra, from Orange County, California, are both in their mid-thirties, and proud parents of twin boys. They have many competing priorities while trying to put a plan in place so both of them don’t have to work forever. 

Alison is 26 years old and has no understanding of financial management at all. She wants to understand how to better manage the money she is making and how she can make it grow to have a strong base for her future.

Brett and Susan are a young couple, in their early 30s, living in Wisconsin. They started out with one set of financial goals, which then shifted after they reached out to us and we completed their financial plan. It was then that they decided to change course in their life.

The Emerging Millionaire Masterclass

In this FREE four-part financial planning webinar series, our Founder & President, Jamie Lima, will teach you how to put a sound financial plan in place for your future.

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