Growing With You,
Not From You

Everyone Deserves Financial Freedom

I grew up in a family that always seemed to have money challenges. They didn’t have the financial freedom they longed for.

I promised myself early on that I would do whatever I had to do in order to ensure that my clients never feel the same struggles relating to money that I did.

Because of those experiences, I’ve created a firm dedicated to helping others continue to doing what they love to do with ZERO financial stress.

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You don’t want to lose a chunk of your investments

Woodson vs Others

At Woodson we don’t charge like other Advisers. They will charge you a management fee, plus you will lose a percentage of your invested amount due to how they choose to invest your money in the form of commissions and fund/investment fees.

We have none of those. And, we pay particular attention to how we manage your investments by making them more tax-efficient, which in the long-term means more money in your pocket. 

We want you to reach financial freedom sooner rather than later. 

Our monthly fees are also different … how?

Fee-only wealth manager, with goals aligned with yours

Only pay for planning and investment management, not hidden fees

Customized Financial Plans tailored for all aspects of your life are included in our fee

About Jamie

Jamie Lima is the Founder and President of Woodson Wealth Management. 

Jamie’s career began with Morgan Stanley in 2006, later joining Fidelity Investments as a Vice President in 2011, where he was responsible for the oversight of over $1 billion in assets of nearly 500 high-net worth families and businesses. 

He brings over 20 years of wealth management and hands-on experience in the Financial Services industry. Jamie loves helping his clients make complex financial decisions, and ‘making the puzzle pieces ‘fit’ for them.

Jamie Lima