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Jamie Lima

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🔐 Die with Zero Dollars (DwZ): Leveraging Joint and Survivor Annuities to Fulfill Core Expenses in Child-free Households

In the dynamic realm of financial planning, a distinctive philosophy has emerged – one that embraces a childfree lifestyle and aspires to Die with Zero or “DwZ”. This paradigm shift underscores a deliberate departure from conventional financial norms, prioritizing life experiences over traditional legacies. By consciously opting for a childfree

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Doing Divorce Differently Podcast

Alleviate your fear of divorce and do it a different way. Join Family Law Attorney and Mediator Lesa Koski, along with our founder, Jamie Lima, for a candid conversation on how to take the fear out of Divorce.

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Gen Z’s Buying Guide to Hiring a Financial Advisor

How can Gen Zs benefit from having a financial advisor? As Gen Z’er, what should I look for in financial advisors? Are financial advisors even affordable, and what are ways that people as young as me can afford financial advisors? I get it. You have a ton of questions about

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Protect your Finances During Divorce

It may sound counterintuitive to spend money on a #cdfa when getting a #divorce, but it has many benefits, including financial ones. Take a listen! Considering a #divorce yourself? Schedule time to chat with me here.

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Podcast Appearance with Tim Blankenship

I had an amazing time chatting with Tim Blankenship of Divorce 661 a few weeks ago. I tried to provide as much divorce advice from a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst as possible in our quick, 30-minute or so chat. Take a listen! If this is helpful, feel free to schedule

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Best Savings Tips in Your 20s or 30s

From retirement accounts to savings accounts, there are myriad ways to build wealth. We get these questions a lot, so here are the best savings tips for someone in their 20s or 30s to set off on the right foot. 1. What retirement accounts are available to people in their

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Debt Ceiling: Why We Need Not Worry About It

The debt ceiling is a term that has been thrown around in political discussions for a long time, but what does it really mean? In simple terms, the debt ceiling is the limit on the amount of debt that the United States government is allowed to have outstanding. This limit

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The Hidden Costs of Divorce

Divorce can be an expensive process, with many costs beyond the well-known lawyer fees. Here are a few you need to keep your eye out for. Dividing the marital home One of the most significant expenses is often the splitting up of a family home. When a couple gets divorced,

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