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Is College Worth It? – Part 3

By Drew Schlotter, CFP®, CCFC How to Get More Value College has gotten more expensive, but the average college degree holder makes significantly more than someone without it, and are more likely to be employed in a recession, so how do people make sure they get the maximum value out

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Is College Worth It? – Part 2

By Drew Schlotter, CFP®, CCFC Perception vs Reality As college has gotten more expensive, public opinion has started to shift. People have become more skeptical of the value, with many people emphasizing trade schools or going directly into the work force over spending a home mortgage on four years at

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Is College Worth It? – Part 1

By Drew Schlotter, CFP®, CCFC Wait, College Costs How Much? The cost of college, and the resulting value (or lack thereof) are a hot topic among parents, students and the media. Costs are going up, student debt is ballooning, and politicians are talking about free education while they cut state

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Raising Financially Literate Kids – Easy Actionable Advice

Raising financially literate kids take work. Money skills are critical to your child’s future. While money can’t buy happiness, it does confer material stability – everyone needs a house, healthcare, and a retirement plan, for example. Also, knowing you have enough for a rainy day can bring you peace of

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How to talk to your kids about money

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