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Doing Divorce Differently Podcast

Alleviate your fear of divorce and do it a different way. Join Family Law Attorney and Mediator Lesa Koski, along with our founder, Jamie Lima, for a candid conversation on how to take the fear out of Divorce.

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Gen Z’s Buying Guide to Hiring a Financial Advisor

How can Gen Zs benefit from having a financial advisor? As Gen Z’er, what should I look for in financial advisors? Are financial advisors even affordable, and what are ways that people as young as me can afford financial advisors? I get it. You have a ton of questions about

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Protect your Finances During Divorce

It may sound counterintuitive to spend money on a #cdfa when getting a #divorce, but it has many benefits, including financial ones. Take a listen! Considering a #divorce yourself? Schedule time to chat with me here.

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My company's vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to help our clients to the best of our ability with a service that provides flexible, honest, financial advice for our clients so they can achieve the financial freedom they want and need.  Here at Woodson Wealth Management, we are devoted to providing the best service for

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Raising Financially Literate Kids – Easy Actionable Advice

Raising financially literate kids take work. Money skills are critical to your child’s future. While money can’t buy happiness, it does confer material stability – everyone needs a house, healthcare, and a retirement plan, for example. Also, knowing you have enough for a rainy day can bring you peace of

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