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Planning an Early Retirement? Key things to consider.

A Change in Retirement Culture Various factors are redefining how Americans approach retirement. We’re discovering more and more people are redefining the term ‘retirement.’ Many are no longer riding off into the sunset, never to work again. Maybe it’s due to the pandemic, out of financial necessity, or sometimes an

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7 Tips For Protecting Your Assets Throughout a Divorce

Divorce is emotional, and financial protection may not always be top of mind. But being cautious and prepared early on can help prevent financial stress later down the line. If you’re amidst a divorce or considering the process, keep these seven tips in mind.

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Why are fee-only advisors different? Three key things…

Hi, I’m Jamie with Woodson Wealth Management, and I’m going to help you sidestep some major headaches, save you time, and put more money in your pocket. First – some quick background about the changing financial services industry: Over the last 15 years, our industry has gone through some dramatic

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Reevaluate Your Investment Decisions Often

Your mindset and goals continually evolve over time. At age 25, you might be focused on paying off student loans and saving up for your first home. Your career is just getting started, and post-work years are well into the future. At 50, however, you’re starting to imagine a time

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3 Ways to Maintain Resilience when Facing Financial Crisis

Facing financial crisis is never easy. Whether that relates to one small event, or a number of them. We all know what being fearful due to uncertainty feels like and it’s not fun. I’m here to give you the antidote to fear and uncertainty by taking action. One of the

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