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Stock Market for Beginners: What Is It?

Many people call the stock market the greatest wealth-creating mechanism of all time. Millionaires often credit stock market investing as the key to their wealth. Do you want to become rich? If so, you need to understand investing. But, investing can feel intimidating to even the smartest people. Despite the

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Gamestop, memes, and market volatility

  Did you hear #GameStop went viral?   It’s been a long (and strange) week so I figured I’d provide a quick guide to the market frenzy you’re seeing in the headlines.   Long update ahead. (Buckle up, it’s a little complicated.)   What is GameStop and why does everyone

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Understanding Your Risk Tolerance

One of the very first things we discuss with our clients is risk tolerance. How do you handle risk? How do you feel towards money? And, so on. This is an incredibly important part of the financial planning process and it helps us do a better job of providing #fiduciary

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Cryptocurrency, COVID and Economic Uncertainty

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology has continued to gain popularity over the past decade, and investors are still turning to this alternative market in 2020. As we continue experiencing a year of financial uncertainty, here’s where the world stands when it comes to cryptocurrency. Bitcoin made its debut in 2009

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How to Avoid Three of the Biggest Mistakes Investors Make

I’m going to teach you how to avoid three of the biggest mistakes investors make. They may be behavioral mistakes, but they can have big impacts on your financial health or wealth. Humans are complicated, irrational beings and we’ve all heard that our mindset and behaviors can have a massive

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