Case Studies

Let us make our next success story yours.

Note: These are not ficticious, but the name(s) and some material information has been removed to protect the clients’ identity. No portion of the content should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee of any sort. 

Case Study 1 - Young Family

Emanuel and Sandra, from Orange County, California, are both in their mid-thirties, and proud parents of twin boys. They have many competing priorities while trying to put a plan in place so both of them don’t have to work forever. 

Alison is 26 years old and has no understanding of financial management at all. She wants to understand how to better manage the money she is making and how she can make it grow to have a strong base for her future.

Brett and Susan are a young couple, in their early 30s, living in Wisconsin. They started out with one set of financial goals, which then shifted after they reached out to us and we completed their financial plan. It was then that they decided to change course in their life.

Sarah was a 30 year old, living in Maryland, with some minor health issues. She wanted two things: To know that if her health deteriorated, she was financially secure, and to add some real estate to her portfolio so she had assets for the future. Sarah also wanted to make better investment decisions but didn’t know how.

Randy and Karen are both 65 and wanting to start to enjoy that “life after work” life. They’ve had enough of the daily work grind and decided it was time to transition into full retirement. Whilst they enjoying living in VA they dreamed of exploring the country in an RV. 

Michael and Ashley are in their early 40s and live in Oregon. Like many young people born in the 80’s they don’t know much about investing and saving for retirement. They want to understand how to do that to set themselves and their young child up for the future.