Case Study #1

Emanuel & Sandra

Case Study 1 - Young Family

Emanuel and Sandra are both in their mid-thirties. They are the proud parents of twin boys, and live in Orange County, California.

Sandra works part-time in order to have time to raise the boys, and Emanuel is a Director at his company.

This young couple have many competing priorities: tax bills, credit card bills, college tuition planning, a desire to remodel the home (as they are slowly outgrowing it), and trying to put a plan in place so both of them don’t have to work forever.

The financial outcomes they wanted to achieve

This couple wanted to become more financially secure by lowering their debt, finding a way to remodel the house, and continuing to add to the boys college fund. 

How we helped

We began with reviewing their goals, setting some short-term ones, reviewed their budget line-by-line, and found several areas where they were overspending.

Then we found them a new CPA to help handle their tax situation. Over the course of several meetings, we ran an analysis for them to show them how they could either take out a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) or do a cash-out refinance so they could wipe out debt at a lower rate and also get the remodel done. This also helped pad the boy’s college savings accounts.

Emanuel is currently going through a transition to a new company, so we have also helped with negotiating his salary and benefits, as well as managing the transition of benefits including his 401K and stock accounts from the old company. 

Where they are now

They are on their way to lowering their debt and making that goal of remodeling their home come true. Each month they are moving closer to meeting both the short- and long-term financial goals we set with them.


Get started

As we’ve done for Emanuel and Sandra, let’s make the next success story yours. 

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