Case Study #5

Randy & Karen

Randy and Karen are both 65 and wanting to start to enjoy that “life after work” life. They’ve had enough of the daily work grind and decided it was time to transition into full retirement.

Whilst they enjoying living in South Carolina, they dreamed of exploring the country in an RV. 

The financial outcomes they wanted to achieve

This couple wanted to transition into retirement with an income plan in place so they could enjoy life while still being able to live the life they wanted. 

How we helped

We created an overall financial/retirement plan for Randy & Karen. This included showing them how to better reallocate their investment portfolio to drive income.

In helping them plan for their future, we documented an income plan for them with cash flow so they knew exactly what their monthly “paycheck” was coming from.

We also helped them determine when to take Social Security to maximize the benefit and take tax-efficient distributions so they could cover their expenses while travelling. 

Where they are now

Randy and Karen have now been traveling the country for three months enjoying their transition to retirement. 

Get started

As we’ve done for Randy and Karen, let’s make the next success story yours. 

Note: Names and some material information has been removed to protect the clients’ identity. No portion of the content should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that he/she will experience the same or certain level of results or satisfaction if Woodson Wealth Management is engaged to provide investment advisory services.