We chose to manage many of our client accounts at TD Ameritrade. Among all of the custodians, TDA provides future-forward technology and seamless account access and integration.

Altruist is not only a technology platform, but many of our clients ask for app-based portfolio management and account access, and we feel they are the best at it. Some of our clients who are just starting out also benefit from the robo-advisor experience, which Altruist provides as well.

What’s the sense of investing if you can’t monitor performance? Capitect’s client portal allows you to see day-to-day and dollar-weighted performance. We also use their platform for all of our portfolio building and rebalancing.

eMoney is the industry’s leading financial planning software program. We will leverage this powerful tool to help aggregate your accounts, update your net worth (daily), build your financial plan, and securely share documents with one another. This is effectively the ‘hub’ of the financial planning services we provide.

Advice Pay is our online payment processing portal. Just agree to the terms and conditions of our agreement, add your credit card or checking account information, and you can pay monthly or quarterly for any of the services we provide you.