College Planning Services

Secure your child's education

Let us help you understand the nuances of college planning so you can discover the best path forward. 

We'll help you with:

Getting an estimate of how much you'll be expected to pay out of pocket each year for your child's education.

Figuring out if your child qualifies for grants and/or scholarships, and for which ones.

Understanding student loans and how to manage them after college.

Then, we walk you through the next steps, answer your questions, address any concerns, support you in creating a strategy, and help you take action on it in order to help you make the best financial decision you can for your child’s future

Drew Schlotter

Your College Planning Advisor and Certified Financial Planner™

Drew is a Certified College Financial Consultant and a Wealth Manager here at Woodson Wealth Management.

Drew started his career at an independent RIA serving the community of Brenham, a small Texas town outside of Houston. He later moved to the Dallas area where he acted as the central financial planner supporting a team of advisors managing $3 billion in assets for roughly 800 high net-worth clients.

In 2021, he set out to start his own RIA with a focus on working with Gen X and Y clients, helping them navigate the financial challenges faced by young professionals. After a year and a half as a solo advisor, Drew found kindred spirits at Woodson Wealth Management, and was excited to be part of a team once again.

He is passionate about helping clients live fulfilling lives and has a particular interest in solving the challenges young families face around planning for college and managing student loans after graduation.

Here's what you get

We make it easy for you to decide which plan is best for your family. 

The Graduation Plan The Honor Roll The Dean's List
$499 up front, $20/mo ongoing membership
$499 up front, $100/mo ongoing membership
Included in On-going Financial Planning
What is it?
Initial college planning meeting, with ongoing access to a powerful digital college shopping tool.
Personalized college planning with a Certified College Financial Consultant to get you to and through college.
College Planning + Wealth Management
Ideal for DIY college-bound family who want to achieve higher education without over-paying for college
Ideal for college-bound families who want a personalized advice and guidance.
Ideal for college-bound families who want a plan to fund college integrated into a wealth management strategy
1-on-1 initial planning meetings, access to digital college planning portal, member-only college planning videos and Q&A sessions.
Everything in the Graduation Plan plus ongoing 1-on-1 access to Certified Financial Consultant throughout the process.
Everything in the Honor Roll, with integration into overall financial plan.
How Much Colleges Think You Can Afford (EFC)
Need-based Grants
Merit-based Scholarships
Projected Out of Pocket Cost For Each College
Student Loan Projections
College Pre-Approval™ Budget
College Funding Gap Analysis
Access to digital college planning tool
Annual 1-on-1 college strategy meeting with CCFC
Line-by-Line Financial Aid Form Guidance
Student Award Analysis & Appeals
Integrated Financial Plan
Investment Management

Ready? Let's meet!

Schedule an introductory call with Drew to discuss what you’re looking for and how he can help, and to also make sure there is a mutual fit and gain an understanding of your needs.